Mau Mau
Version: 1.04

Last Update: 08-21-2021
Type: Cards
Plataform: Android
Size: 16 MB
Ad: Yes
Price: Free


Mau Mau is a card game which you should try play all his cards.
The game uses two deck of fifty-two cards (Total 104) and each player receives seven cards (Total 28).
When the distribution of cards is over, the first card on the stack is put on the table.
The card on the table indicates the suit and value current of the game and the current player must play one card with same suit or value.
In case of the player doesn't have any card to play, he must buy one card of stack.
The match finishes when some player gets without cards or the pile gets empty.
With the match ends is realised the sum of the points of each player in agree with the points of his cards.
Whoever has the fewest points wins the match.


Play as many cards as possible to get less points and win the game.


1) Numbers of players:
Four players.

2) Decks:
Two decks with fifty-two cards each one.

3) Shuffle, cut and distribution:
At the first match, the player who distributes is chosen at random.
The player who shuffles is on right of the player who distributes.
The player who cuts is on left of the player who distributes.
The player who cuts start the match. At the next matches, the positions change according to the clockwise.

4) How to play
Once the cards have been distributed to all players, the top card of the pile is placed on the table.
The current player must play one card with the same suit or value as the card on the table.
If the player doesn't have any card, he must buy one card on the pile.
The player must play the card which he bought on the pile, as long as it has the same suit or value as tha card on the table.

... ...

5) Special cards:
Some cards have special effects on the game. They are:

  • Seven: The next player must buy three cards, if he doesn't have any seven. This effect is cumulative.
  • Jack: This card can be played independ of suit or value of the card on the table and allows you to choose the next suit.
  • Queen: Change the direction of the match. If it is clockwise, it will change to counterclockwise and vice versa.
  • Ace: Skip the next player.


6) With two cards in hand:
Whenever you have two cards in hand, you must say Mau Mau before playing. If you don't say, you will receive more three cards.

... ...

7) Winning with the jack:
If the last card played is a jack, the other players' score will be double.

8) Score:
After finishing one match, the players' score is calculated by adding up all the cards that each player has in his hand.
Pointuation of cards:

  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack: 10 points
  • Others cards: points are equal to the numeric value of the cards.

... ...


In this mode you will play againts the artificial intelligence.


1) Max Score
The max score in each game may be 50, 100 or 150 points.
The value of max score may be set in configuration screen.

... ...

2) Reward
The reward in gold coins depend on the value of max score and the player's final position.

Position 50 pts 100 pts 150 pts
First x 15 x 30 x 45
Second x 07 x 14 x 21
Third x 03 x 06 x 09
Last Nothing Nothing Nothing

3) Extra reward
You can watch a ad at the end of the game to earn gold coins, as long as you didn't get in the last position.



In this mode you will play against others players.
The game finishes when some player gets without cards in hand or the pile gets empty.
Each player has 99 seconds to play his card.
You will need to have blue coins to create a private room or join in public room.


1) Creating a private room
1.1 Press the button "Create Private Room".
1.2 Type a name for your private room.
1.3 Type a password for your private room.
1.4 Press the button confirm.
1.5 You may press the button "Share" to send the room's name and password to your contacts.
1.6 The game will start when four players come in the room.

... ... ...

2) Joining in a private room
2.1 Press the button "Join Private Room".
2.2 Type the private room's name.
2.3 Type the private room's password.
2.4 Press the button confirm.
2.5 The game will start when four players come in the room.

... ... ...

3) Joining in a public room
3.1 Press the button "Join Public Room".
3.2 The game will start when there are four players in the room.

... ...

4) Rewards
The rewards in multiplayer mode depends on the player's final position.
There won't be rewards in case of some player leave the game before the end or don't play his card doing the time is over.

Position Reward
First x 01
Second x 25
Third x 10
Last x 05


In this place you can purchase avatars, decks, coins and gens.

... ... ...

1) Purchasing a item
Press the desire item and press the button confirm.



In this place you can see your performace, leaderboards, achievements, items and change your name.

... ...

1) Acessing your items
Pressing the button inventary the player can acess your itens.
You can change your current item pressing the desire item.

... ...

2) Change the name
The user may change his player's name.

... ...


If you desire, you can send your statistics and see the game's leaderboards.

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In this screen, you can see all your trophies and medals.

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