Meteors Fighter
Version: 1.4

Last update: 04-22-2021
Type: Shoot'em up
Plataform: Android
Size: 18 MB
Ads: Yes
Price: Free


Meteors Fighters is a Shoot'em Up style game. In a galaxy formed by three planets (Red, Green and Blue), rivals to each other, where only the threat of extinction caused by meteors unites them to a common goal.
Each planet has its own fleet of space ships and each is famous for a specific skill.
Choose your planet and pilot your ship with skill to destroy as many meteors and threats as possible.



Destroy as many meteors and enemies.
Collect medals to level up and acquire stronger items and ships.


1) Starting
Press the "START" button in the screen.


2) Select your planet:
Choose one of the three available planets, press the button representing the chosen planet, enter your pilot's name and press the confirm button.

... ...

3) Pilot's menu:
Press the "PLAY" button to start the game.


4) Start the game
Touch on the screen to start.


5) Moving the spaceship
To move the ship to the right press anywhere on the right end of the screen.
To move the ship to the left press anywhere on the left end of the screen.

... ...

6) Shooting at targets
To fire the ship, simply position the ship in front of the target you want to hit and the shots will be automatically fired until the target is destroyed or exits the front of the ship.


7) Indicators and buttons
1. Pilot’s avatar.
2. Pilot's name.
3. Spaceship life bar.
4. Shield life bar.
5. Button to activate/disable the shield.
6. Button to pause.
7. Indicates the pilot's HI-Score.
8. Indicates the current score in the match.
9. Indicates the total medals of the pilot.
10. Indicates the current level of the pilot.
11. Button to dispatch the match.
12. Start the match again.
13. Enable/disable audio.
14. Exit and return to the menu.
15. Button share new record or promotion.
16. Indicates the total medals collected at the match.
17. Button to watch ad in exchange for reward.

... ... ...

8) Game Over
When the spaceship life bar is empty, it's the end of the game.


When you end a match, if you have obtained a new record or promotion, the option to share will be available.
Press the share button to publicize your new record or job promotion.

... ... ...


1) Accessing the store
Press the "SHOP" button.


2) Front Weapon
Shows all front weapons available for purchase and compatible with your current ship.

3) Side Weapon
Show all side weapons available for purchase and compatible with your current ship.

4) Shield
Shows all shields available for purchase and compatible with your current ship.
When a shield is destroyed it must be acquired again.

5) Spaceship
Shows all ships available for purchase.

6) Gems
Allows the exchange of medals for gems, gems and medals and acquisition of gems.

7) Avatar
Shows all avatars available for purchase.

8) Buying an item
To purchase an item, press the image that represents the desired item, view the attributes of the desired item, and if you have enough balance of medals or gems, press the confirm button.

... ...


1) Accessing your spaceship
To access your spaceship press the "SPACESHIP" button.


2) Information about your spaceship
All atributes of your current spaceship are in the Status frame.


3) Change items or spaceship
If you have more than one item or spaceship and want to change your current configuration, simply press the item you want to change to access your inventory. If you don't have items, inventory won't be shown. Only items that are compatible with your ship will appear in the inventory.

... ... ...


1) Accessing the datas of the pilot.
To access the pilot's data press the "RANK" button.


2) Data
1. Name: Indicate the current name of the pilot.
2. Planet: Indicate the planet of the pilot.
3. Level: Show the current level of the pilot. Increase according to numbers of medal that collected. .
4. Games: Number of matches completed by the pilot.
5. Meteors: Number of meteors destroyed by the pilot.
6. Enemies: Number of enemy ships destroyed by the pilot.
7. HI-Score: Highest score obtained by the pilot.



1) Accessing scores and achievements
With the integration of Google Play Games services, you can view the player's leaderboards and achievements.
Leaderboards and achievements can be accessed on the home screen or on the pilot's data screen.

... ... ... ...


If you have purchased avatars in the store and can change them as follows:
1. Press the icon with a user's figure.
2. The inventory screen will appear with all your avatars.
3. Press the avatar you want to use.
4. Press the confirm button to change avatar.



1. Press the icon with the figure of a trash can.
2. The confirmation message will appear.
3. Press the confirm button.
4. All pilot data and medals will be lost.

... ...


1. Press the icon with the figure of a pencil.
2. The confirmation message will appear.
3. Press the confirm button.
4. Enter the new driver name and press the confirm button.

... ... ...


1) Accessing the configurations
1. Press the icon with the figure of a gear.
2. Press the icon with the figure of a tool.
On the settings screen you can select the difficulty level, the language, enable or disable the music and sound effects.

... ...


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Version 1.0

- Date: 12/29/2020
- Release

Version 1.1

- Date: 01/03/2021
- Fix bugs.

Version 1.2

- Date: 01/04/2021
- Include more animations.

Version 1.3

- Data: 01/04/2021
- Update some items at store.

Version 1.4

- Data: 01/09/2021
- Review: items at store.

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