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Sueca is a card game played in pairs. The doubles who win four matches win the game.
Cards 8, 9 and 10 of each suit are taken from the deck and in each match, one player shuffles, another cuts and another shows the trump card and distributes 10 cards to each player.
In a match there are 10 rounds and a total of 120 points, and only the following cards have value: A(11pts), 7 (10pts), K(4pts), J(3pts) and Q(2pts).
The player, who shuffles the cards, starts the first round and other players must play a card of the same suit played, if they do not have cards of the suit played can play card of another suit or of the suit of the trump.
Wins a round who plays the highest card of the suit played or the highest trump card.
Get victories to level up, get trophies and rewards to acquire characters and new decks!!!


Win four matches against the opposing pair.


1) Number of players:
To play, it takes four players, divided into pairs, sitting around the table, so that each pair is facing each other. The Sueca deck does not contain the cards "8", "9" and "10" (since the deck contains 52 cards, when removing the 8, 9 and 10 cards will be 40, and 40 to divide by four players is 10).

2) Points count:
The cards in Sueca follow a hierarchy, and each card has a value associated with it, which will be counted at the end of each round (group of 10 rounds).
Ace – 11 points
Seven - 10 points
King - 4 points
Jack - 3 points
Queen - 2 points
Other cards - 0 points
Remember that the trump, however small, is greater than any card of another suit. So it is concluded that in a leak that contains the ace cards of diamonds, 7 of diamonds, K of diamonds and 2 of hearts, if the pull is diamonds and the trump hearts, the 2 of hearts is the highest card.
In total of 40 cards, there are 120 points. Therefore, at the end of the 10 rounds, each pair must count how many points they obtained in the rounds in which they were the winner, and the one who obtained 61 points or more will have won the match and therefore 1 point, as it will necessarily have more points than the opponent.
It is important to note that the number of rounds won does not necessarily relate to the number of points earned, because a round with cards 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 did not give any point to the pair that won it, for example:
If the winning duo scored more than 90 points, the win value is 2 points. A score of 90-30 is still considered a 1-point win.
If the winning duo earns all 120 points from a match, they will automatically win the game.
When setting up a draw in a round (60-60), nobody will earn points.

3) Shuffle and distribution:
It is played counterclockwise and each player must receive 10 cards, so that the entire deck is used.
Assuming a table composed (counterclockwise) by A, B, C and D where A and C form a double, and B and D another: Shuffle, C cuts, D distributes and A begins. With each game match, the "hand" rotates to the right, then causing B to shuffle, D cut, A distribute, and B to begin.
The player who is the card dealer chooses to distribute the cards starting with you and the trump card is the first to be turned from the pile, distributing the others among all players.


4) Playing:
The determined player must then start the game by placing one of his cards on the table. This card defines the suit of the pull (suit that all players must follow). When all players have placed their cards on the table, the one who placed the highest card wins that round.
With each round won, the cards are turned with their values down and saved. The player who placed the highest card then must return the game, i.e. place a new card on the table setting a new pull.
It is not allowed to look at the cards that have already been played on each pile of cards used, even if the interested party has previously won that trick. At a certain point in the game, if a player does not have the suit of the pull, he can place a card of any suit. If the card the player chooses is of the trump suit, then the game is cut, and will go to this player, unless his opponent cuts higher by placing another trump card higher than the first.
Note, however: All players who still can must follow the suit of the pull, regardless of whether the game has been cut or not.

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Reference source of the rules: https://copag.com.br/blog/detalhes/sueca


1. If you have enough coins and the item is unlocked, simply click the BUY button and the item will be purchased and selected for use (USING).
2. To choose another item just click on the "SELECT" button.

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1. Click the "Change Name" button.
2. Enter the desired name.
3. Click the confirm button.

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1. Level: Increases according to the player's number of wins.
2. Matches: Number of matches completed by the player.
3. Games: Number of games finished by the player.
4. Wins: Number of games won by the player.
5. Success rate: Relationship between number of wins and number of games (Wins/Games).


1. Click the erase data button. .
2. The message will appear stating that all data, items and coins will be lost.
3. Click the confirm button.

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Version 1.0

- Date: 07/18/2020
- Release

Version 1.1

- Date: 07/18/2020
- Improve and fix bugs in IA.

Version 1.2

- Date: 07/21/2020 - Fix bug interface, showed up in some devices.
- More devices compatible.

Version 1.3

- Data: 07/26/2020
- Change the config menu animation.
- Improve IA.
- Service Google Play Games
- Create leaderboard
- Create achievements.
- Change interface of store.

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