About Us

With more than a decade of experience in automation, through the programming and configuration of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), in addition to the creation of graphical interfaces for these systems. I decided to combine my enthusiastic for entertainment with games, academic training and professional experience, acquired throughout my journey, to become a indie game developer in my spare time.

LFSM - CEO of MSivtronic


Develop games, free of charge or with affordable acquisition costs, that provide moments of entertainment for our users.


1. LISTEN, RESPECT AND UNDERSTAND the opinion of all our users, employees and partners.

2. COMMITMENT AND TRANSPARENCY in solving problems found in our products.

3. TREAT ETHICALLY AND RESPECTFULly all our competitors and opponents. Having the premise of non-generation and propagation of conflicts.


Stop being just a hobby and consolidate yourself as a sustainable game development company and recognized by our audience as synonymous with excellence and quality.

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